• The Ethical Alternative

    Ethletic products are FairTrade produced, from FairTrade sustainable resources and 100% vegan.

    The resources for Ethletic products exclusively come from a controlled and internationally certified FairTrade supply chain.

Why FairTrade?

Our mission is it to ensure that everyone involved receives a fair share. We want to support the right economical standard that counters the Profit-oriented system which causes poverty and economical dependence through exploitation. All products come from certified FairTrade supply chains and part of our profit goes directly into our own FairTrade projects.

Why emphasize sustainability?

We want to STOP the exploitation of potent agricultural regions that turns them into desolate waste lands. We exclusively use certified organic cotton for all of our products . For the soles of our shoes, we use natural rubber instead of synthetic materials. All of our plantations are FSC certified and, amazingly, 1ha (2.5 acres) of rubber trees recycles 7 times more CO² than 1ha of rain forest !

Why Vegan?

We do not want animals to die in the name of Ethletic! NO oils, fats, glues or colors that are derived from animals carcasses are used for the manufacturing of our products!

Where to get Ethletic products?

Following is a short list of participating merchants. Simply email us HERE, if you want to join in as well.....Email.


What's Fair about Ethletic products?

Ethletic products are solely made from resources out of certified FairTrade supply chains. Every step of the way, the corresponding FairTrade governing organization ensures that FairTrade premiums are received by the participating producers and manufacturers. Additionally, Ethletic has established its own FairTrade projects in the communities where the production facility located.

How does Ethletic support sustainability?

Ethletic products stand out because sustainable resources are used. The FairTrade system ensures that producers and manufacturers receive their fair share TODAY; sustainability means that their agricultural areas maintain their economic potential and can be used by generations to come !

Why use organic cotton?

Ethletic sneakers are world wide the first casual shoes whose cotton has been certified according to the intenational FairTrade standard. This strict standard requires Ethletic to engage in long-term trade agreements with their cotton producers and pay them a fixed price.

Why use FairTrade natural rubber?

Yet again, Ethletic is the first shoe world wide whose soles are made from FairTrade natural rubber. The rubber tree plantations are internationally FSC certified who ensures that the social standards of the partnering communities are maintained. For every kilogram of natural rubber, the producers receive an additional premium that can be used improve the public infrastructure (e.g. hospitals).

What FairTrade projects does Ethletic support?

Ethletic additionally pays a premium of 15% of the cost of production to the Worker-families of the production facilities. This money is independently administered and mostly used for health insurance or retirement benefits or to support the their educational system. 2% of the retails price is paid to the Flo-Cert organization, which monitors compliance with Fairtrade Standards governing the production, buying and selling of a product and issues the official Fairtrade seal.

Why are Ethletic products vegan?

We ensure that NO oils, fats, glues or colors of animal origin are used in the the production and manufacturing process of the materials that we use and the products that Ethletic stands for. We believe that NO animal on earth should have to die for the products that we use.